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14 April 1811 1

Panopticon Memorandum — for Construction and Management

James Waklin
a Porter to watch
the & Yard

1. All the entrances at
the same spot;—
that one Porter m and
one inspection may
serve for all.

2. The Porter should be
inspection from
the Lodge if possible.

3. Entrance for the Convicts
and the convicts
friends narrow:—
that there may be no
escape by a sudden rush

4. For the same reason it
might be made long,
as the entrance must be
or those other places
viz. by grated doors

5. The maximum of narrowness
will be determined
by need of entrance for
machinery &c

6. Admission to Officer's
apartments from without
without need of going in to
the Lodge.

7. For that purpose the form
of the building might be
made square: as here
has drawn, before the
, forming a lanyard
to the existing wall

8. The present entrance to the
Officer's apartments should
also be commanded by the
same Parties

---page break---

9. The interior area to
be warmable by exterior
fires on the plan paired with the Check taker.

10. The Cells and Lodge
by changeable air puffing
through tubes —
the tubular plan.

11. From a receptacle for
it between, and belonging
in common to, each pair
of cells. To the common
a pufer to be
adapted from each cell
such pufer furnished with
a stopper, to keep in the

The door in each ad
cell to enclose a square
space into which the
vapour is : the
door to fit in close with
post to keep in scent: to
be kept locked; opened only once
a day for the emptying.

A screen, turning
on a hinge.

12. Make an enumeration
of the several receptacles
requisite for the several purposes,
that the ,
and mode of access
to them may be determined

13. To each Officer's apartment
a narrow passage
(by the side) where a visitor may
find shelter
and repose, while through
a conversation tube he
talks to him in the Lodge

14. Over each apartment
entrance, passage, &c
its denomination and
function in large gold
or black letters.

---page break---

Being distinguished
by his number, each prisoner
to have attached
to him a certain number
of pots of plants six or more marked
each of them by his number
By this means on finding
when the time for decoration
comes, the prisoners being
marched up in order to the
Greenhouse at top will
bring down each of them
his pots, to help decorate
the front of his cell.

15. To ensure sufficient
bathing, the make the
bathing pond in such
form as divide it in that
such manner that each
bather may go in at
one place and retreat
at another: at which he
has previously deposited
his clothing +


For washing, allow a
sponge attached to
string, or a piece of
woollen .

The Bathing-room may
be in the bottom floor, on
a level with the Cooking
Room, Coal-Hole, Cellar

Inspections during bathing
off the Convicts

---page break---

No person to be admitted
as a Visitor
into the Lodge without
a ticket from the Porter
nor to reserve the ticket
without depositing a card
with his name
and day of admission

Persons entitled to be
admitted gratis at the Lodge
1. Members of Parliamt each
their company
2. of the quere
whether with their company

Patent insufficient Sum for the
outside: the King having
a right to refuse to use any invention,

1. Cooking Room
2. Scullery for dishwashing
3. Washing (Linen) Room
4. Bathing Room
5. Provision Store Room
6. Prisoners Conversation Room
7. Coal Hole
8. Firewood Room
+ 9. Store Room for receiving
and keeping the prisoners own cloathing
to be kept there till their

The for receipt to it being infrequent,
let it be at the
top over the Lodge —

Pin the Cloathes on Lines
pinning to each vestment
a ticket with the owners

Should not they be all
previously cleaned?

Lighting by Gas

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