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April 1811 Convict Apprenticeship Exemption Act

5. If for considering the nature of the life mode of living to
which they have been accustomed, among persons belonging to of the two
branches of the military profession, may be considered it be supposed
that a lot and not so large not so large a proportion are
as less likely to betake themselves to useful employment
of any other description in any other shape than as among an equal number
of persons taken at large, the proportion of persons
of the description here in question can not but be
expected to be much less.

6. Should any such supposition occurr as that in
any instance it should happen that the sort of privilege
in question should operate as an encouragement
to the commission of offences of the description in question—
i.e. that it should ever happen to a
man in fraud of the law, and for no other purpose than that of putting himself
in possession of the privilege to engage in the
commission of any such offence, the answer is
short and decisive.

For the obtaining of the benefit in question, whatever it
be, no man who could obtain it without the suffering
and ignominy included attached to the condition of a convict,
as with as or and without any other suffering or loss equivalent to
it would so much as think of subjecting himself to it for any such
purpose so much as think of subjecting himself to it.

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