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So far then as concerns the erection of the building, all that at this turn I
am could possibly do towards the business would be (after applying my mind to the subject yet what occasional information I could got obtain for my and ) the using my own
towards keeping down the expence; as a manifest surety for my doing so, and concurring as
in case, to give the best possible and most manifest security for
I would and of doing in any measure that
my so doing I should be ready and desirous of concurring to concurr in
any efficient manner what should be suggested, for bringing my own personal interest in that
respect as near as possible into a coincidence with the interest of the public purse in
that behalf; upon the principle viz. upon some principle analogous in this respect to that which suggested the agreement, entered
into as above, with the late Mr

If by being thus I have occupied more of
the Committee's time than would have been wished
so an , and that
With respect of to one part of my engagement original offer offer engagement and that
entered into in consequence
, of my own offer, and that so material
, Finding finding myself thus under the necessity of declaring
it out of my to be no longer in my power to fulfil it, one part of my engagement offer as with no
and that so material an one
, to preserve myself
from any such mortification, as that of seeing say
inevitable misfortunes imputed to me as faults; it seemed necessary
to me to be particular in shewing that this inability on
my part has had for its causes incidents altogether out of
my own controul, and such as were among the natural and obviously
probable results of the delays which the I was destined to experience.

But this in point of frugality economy may more than
a comparatively small part advantage need be lost by this change. In
great saving
If the principles of the plan itself be not disapproved the great
saving is upon the plan: that saving would be returned.
As to the difference between an Architect taken upon notional
acquaintance, and with the benefit advantage of such made of remuneration and adjustment of interests
as has been mentioned, and an Architect taken at a venture
and without any such advantage, a difference which would be ruinous
to an individual,
would be the public Mr Blackburns minimum was £200000 for 900 Prisoners: my maximum was £27000 for 1000 Prisoners.
purse be no more than
a deduction from the
survey which would
originally have been

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