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As to a site, Land which would be capable of being put to this House use
would (I should expect to find) be to be land at a very
short warning: certainly at a month's warning, probably at
even less. What I have in view is a part of the land already
purchased. I wish Though there exists a part in it
which I have heard called by the name of the Hill, I
can not then indeed but wish it had been higher than it is.
But, if there be any thing
in it dangerous to health
it is more than I have
ever heard from any inhabitant
of it: and
To learn this
exactly how this matter really
stands, is in the power
of the Committee.
I have heard it said In former days I
I for remember hearing
it said that it was
by the advice of his
Physicians that the residence
of the present
Ld Grosvenor (then Lord
Belgrave) was contained
so long at in that very
spot. For assuredly
there is no part of
the ground in question
lower than the spot
which I not many
years ago he took in
and converted into a
Pleasure Ground, and
which is parted from the
ground in question is parted separated
by nothing but a ditch wall or a ditch
professional medical report would confirm or remove any anxiety
in that

In the providing of this receptacle excepting the charge of the money I would take any part
that the Gentlemen in question would be pleased to assign or
the lease to me. I having no profit from iit: and with
the single condition in my favour that whatever was due I set should
find myself unable to reconcile myself to, I should be at liberty to
contrary to my own opinion should be known so to be –
exempt myself from the responsibility of.

Who the Gentlemen in question are, I know not: to command
on my part this mark of resect and confidence
it is sufficient to me to understand them to be among
the members of the Committee.

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