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In addition to what is above comes the consideration I come now to that part of the question which concerns
of the difference in point of terms between Panopticons
for the accommodation of the several numbers 1300, 1,000, and
700 persons prisoners.

For the reasons that were submitted in my first former
Address, numbers of pounds arithmetical specification Letters, one specification
numbers of pounds – as arithmetical details in general – are a sort of answer which it is
impossible to no out of my power now to give. But what can not be
stated in principle may be stated in principle and detailed in figures may be rendered sufficiently <add>principledclear by being</add>
this mode of statement – a mode the result of what stated in principle.
will I flatter myself have already in good measure The reduction in the expence of the building
was thus among the considerations that suggested the desire
has been anticipated by Gentlemens own reflection.
I will endeavour to give disposition to make
wish to see the prod proposed reduction made upon
the number for which provision should be made?

1. In the first place the exercise in respect of
the expence of building will by in the Inspect Panopticon principle bear in a much less proportion ratio
to the encrease of numbers than in a building on any
other principle – or any principle that be is to be
seen any where carried into practice. 1. The whole Central
part – the seat of inspection – the Inspection Tower
will be much the same for all those numbers. Though
the greatest of them a little less than double that of the
smallest, this vital part need scarce receive any
considerable enlargement.

Upon a second glance, any saving that can by any
such reduction as is proposed could be made under this head
would be found much less considerable that at a first glance may
have been supposed.

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