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part of the males: such apprehensions will not (I suppose) be
excited in equal strength by the females.

On the supposition of a surrounding wall of sufficient
height, without ladder or any thing else within to climb
over by, and if gentlemen please with a parallel ditch
on the outside to let in the water upon any one who
should attempt to escape by undermining with this security,
added to that of the Inspection Principle (a principle
rick as easily built upon in such a case as any other
principle) in my humble view of the matter, the slightest temporary
building that with a view to dispatch could be suggested,
might be trusted to in such a case for safe custody.
On the outside in exterior Watchouses such as one
of my plans exhibits, in addition to the two which I should
probably think proper to provide Gentlemen in whose view
of the matter the above provisions would not yet be sufficient,
might station as many additional guards as in their
view might seem necessary. Of these guards it being the destination
not to see the prisoners, or any of them, but
in the event and at the moment of eruption, their would
be no objection (I suppose) to their being of the stronger
sex. — Might not such a place as Chelsea Hospital
be resorted to for this purpose?

As to a site, Land which would be capable of being put
to this use would (I should expect to find) to be had at
a very short warning: certainly at a months warning, probably,
at even less. What I have in view is a part of the
land already purchased. Though there exists a part in
it which I have heard called by the name of the Hill,
I can not indeed but wish it had been higher than it
is. But if there be any thing in it dangerous to health
it is more than I have ever heard from any inhabitant of it.

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