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7 Apr. 1811

1. Servants evidence would prove as well in case the Governor found the articles
the Servants in Panopticon
descriptions applied as follows to the

II. I come now to the case of the Governor's servants: and if
there be any real security in the supposed division of
power and consequent sec check or will upon will or man upon man there be any real security
against abuse, it is in the situation of these subordinates that in my as far
as appears to me
view of the matter, it may be looked for, rather than in that
of the principal.

Though the person to whom, in pronouncing concerning the
fitness of the goodness and in consequence concerning the admission or rejection of the articles supplied, it belongs to act
in the character of a Judge is co necessarily and constantly
in a connection with the party, this is not the case with
his servants. Though the Judge be almost necessarily a
corrupt Judge, yet no corruption on the part of this any man or any
other Judge will of necessity have the effect of the
members sealing up the lips of his subordinates in the character
of eventual witnesses. To this they will not can not naturally
indeed it can not naturally be expected of them
that they should any one of them venture upon any such decided opposition to his
will y the as would be made by any expression of
dissatisfaction at the treatment they are given as to the points
in question to the prisoners: at least so long as his situation
thus appeared to him more eligible than any others. At the
same time nothing would be more natural than that if in the conduct of the
Governor their master
anything should strike
them as being the result
of rapacity combined
of in the way
rapacity combined
with cruelty anything
even during in case
of their quitting
their continuance in the service they should made it matter of
conversation with such persons as in their view of the matter
might be depended upon for not betraying them to the Governor
and this in quitting his service all fear of his displeasure
would being of course be at an end, nothing is more natural than
thus they should give the first finest loose should be given to their

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