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9 Apr. 1811

As to the Governor, either he is honest, or he is dishonest.
If honest, his supposed security is needless, if dishonest
it will be ineffectual; and not merely ineffectual as a remedy, but
productive of an increase in the disease: viz. as above by adding to the
profit, fair as or unfair of the dealer, another profit, the
whole of it unfair to the Governor.

In the situation in question, every dealer, every person
by whom any articles are furnished to the prisoners is in
a state of necessary dependence on the Governor. If in that
character every man has a right to furnish to the prisoners all
such articles as they bespeak and are allowed to have, the Governor
has a right so to plague and harrass any such
dealer, as to render this part of his trade a lousy one. If it
be something hot that is bespoke, the servant is kept waiting
with it till its it is cold: if it be something that can not be
had by waiting, the goodness of it is questioned it is found fault with the cause of the
prisoner is espoused, and the article is rejected as unfit for
use: and that if necessary that it may really be so, it is rendered
so. Not a day scarce, in time but this same sort of treatment may be repeated
so. It To particularize the discourse capable of being practised
would be an endless task process. What is undeniable is: 1. that
the Keeper of a prison House of Correction can not but be master of the House.
2. that be the House what it may, it can never be out of
the power of him who is master of it, to render access to
the interest of it uncomfortable unpleasant – unpleasant uncomfortable in an unlimited
degree, and that without exposing himself to punishment – one might add
degree or so much as censure on any specific ground to every person to whom it is his wish to render it
uncomfortable unpleasant.

To dealer A the Jailer in question then renders the
access to such a degree difficult and unpleasant, that the difficulties
counteract all the profit he can make: while to in favour of Dealer B all these
difficulties are removed. Whosoever possesses the faculty the unpunishable
faculty of making between two candidates for custom this sort of difference+ + possess the faculty
of giving to the one
a monopoly of the custom of the House
to the prejudice of the
other, and of all others.
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