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and so that the be it of the above it may I be
as I now have been anxious to render public service
than to avoid giving private offence

For this Reason Therefore it is that I can not but be anxious the
never without a pang have I ever been able either to
hear or read of think of the erection of a prison or of a poor-house or of any
other of the establishments various receptacles to which these these same principles are
are applicable: Therefore it is that and in particular of
I have never been able the receptacles for in which
foreign prisoners, those without blameless victims of the games of war
have been crowded, with so cruel in a state of discomfort
so afflictive to themselves, and so full of danger
to the country, and so destructive of that capacity for useful labour, that which
to the advantage of all parties might be brought into all.

For this reason again Therefore it is that my anxiety is such, as upon the re-excitement
revival how ever faint so ever given to my long dormant
revival of my long lost dormant expectations it can not fail to
be, that till to observe the assurance able to persuade myself that will the experiment
of this plan of construction has been tried, no
such public receptacle upon any other plan of construction
is will be begun again:
And for this same reason it is that stands that
though the idea of a temporary panopticon as stated brought to view in
my 2d letter was assuredly not of a a spontaneous one but brought called forth into existence by what I understood to
be the among the wishes of the Committee for this
reason it is amongst others. But I have become so anxious
and the more I have reflected upon the subject the more anxious,
to see that prompt and comparatively unexpensive
experiment tried in the promptest manner possible.

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