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7 Apr. 1811

True it is that In this as in every other official situation
whatsoever advantage with safety to himself, reputation
and everything else taken into account he can
make, that he will use his endeavours to make. Such if not verified
in every individual instance is however verified in so
great large a proportion of the whole number of instances that it
is the only on which any legislative provision
can will consistently with the rules of human prudence
ever be built.

True it is that unless if by the supposed scarcity no addition
be is made to the facilities, to the means which a man men have
has of giving to making addition encrease to the quantum of profit that
otherwise would be made at the expense of the prisoners,
no such addition will be made. The desire being by the supposition always at a maximum can not from this any more know from any other circumstance, receive any encrease. But the fact is – and
is it of the intimation has been given already the
fact is that by the supposed the falsely supposed security in question addition
to the means which a the man has of making such undue addition:
the burthen of the prisoners, is made. Without this
supposed security, for the persons in question from making
the undue profit in question, there exists the natural public jealously
which a situation of the sort in question finds naturally
attached to it. Add this supposed security the
jealousy whatsoever your trusty and trustworthy guard is removed. Confidence
you groundless Confidence and untrustworthy regard guard takes its place.
The bosom of the special person being by this their purge,
cleansed as it seems to them of all sinister interest gentlemen
look upon it as pure. Being thus purified, no such
unctuous desire as the appetite for filthy lucre will can in theory find entrance
into it.

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