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was grounded: composed: the accession to this article stands in the margin of the paper in the hand so of Mr Pitt or Mr Dundas: in every step stage from the first to the
last it last the adherence to this article was all along supposed on both sides:
no object was ever made: in short it was for this purpose
amongst others if not for those purpo in the first place
that the intention of Administration to come
to Parliament was announced.

Once, too as your Memorialist remembers it was hinted, that if there
were any other spot that he preferred he need not conceive
himself as precluded from the change. He was
thankful but he did not hesitate. He was Ignorant
enough of the topography of the country, he had been attentive not inattentive
to the history of the case. The four Counties might
have swarmed with spots which he should have
preferred for aught he then knew: but the incongruity
of his being his own carver, the perilousness of his quitting
his hold, the responsibility that would have attached
upon him in the event of his hazarding a
new choice, when when choice had been the object of so
must contest, the indecorum of his setting up his individual
wish will without necessity, in opposition to a choice
sanctioned by the 12 Judges, struck him at the first
word. He had seen the portion they had carved out allotted
carved for him: he found it suitable to his purpose: it
was a bird in hand; though, as the event has proved,
not in his hand: it was a fair bird: and he knew
better, as he thought, than to go upon adventures, and beat the bush for others.

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