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On the other hand, does the construction your
Memorialist humbly contends for, render the option
nugatory? – By no means. It would not only have had
its operation, but had its an operation in the way
conformable to the views of gentlemen who proposed
it, if it had so happened, that any other spot
could have been found, which was proved at the
same time
equally convenient and proper
as well in the eyes of your Lordships, confining
your views to the public service, as in those of
your Memorialist. for it happens such other spot (You suppose was the language that
is not to be found would naturally be held by gentlemen in Administration on such an occasion) You say suppose that other spots
may be found equally proper and convenient:
we don't know that there are other spots we should approve of think so, we don't know that there are not: we don't know that there are other spots which the contractor would approve of think so, or could be brought to approve of think so, we don't know that there are not. we
don't know that there we don't know that there
but if there are it will be all
well in at rate
but in the mean time the option can, at any rate, do no harm;
and, if that will satisfy as you desire it, we
will insist it. Thus, was a Such and this such alone was the language of uncertainty
prudence and good faith: this such and this such alone was the language
equally consistent with the engagements to one party, and
with the wishes of the other: it was actually was therefore the
language of Administration: the conclusion is a necessary one: this and this alone was the fair
language of Administration: it was the fair and
and the only construction of whatever words the occasion
called for could have called for.

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