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same Properties of the Spot, which render it eligible
as a site for Villas, render it not only eligible
but necessary, to the more important purpose of a
Penitentiary house: more especially to a Penitentiary house
to be conducted upon the Plan of Contract, which your
Lordships stand engaged, as well as by Act of Parliament
as by the treaty, to adopt. Ground, at least equally valuable
for Villas, may be found, without equal vicinity to the
River, without equal vicinity to the Metropolis, or without
equal elevation: it is so at various Sports, and Clapham
may be instanced for one. But without the concurrence
of equal elevation and equal vicinity to the Metropolis, it
can never be equally "convenient and proper" for the
purpose of a Penitentiary establishment, upon whatever
plan, and from whatever resources carried on: without
equal vicinity to the River, in addition to those other
circumstances of advantage, it can never be equally
convenient for a Penitentiary establishment to be
carried on upon the particular plan proposed by your
Memorialist, and from the particular resources on
which he depends. Equal elevation, especially in a Spot
which is to be in the Vicinity of the River, is necessary
to afford your Memorialist on equal Security for the
health and longevity of his Prisoners, whose lives he is
to insure: equal vicinity to the Metropolis is necessary,
in order to place the conduct of the establishment with
equal effect under the inspection and guardianship of
the public eye: a point so well known to have been
regarded by Howard as a fundamental one. Equal
vicinity to the River is more particularly necessary
to a Penitentiary house upon the plan of your
Memorialist, whose Materials, as well worked up as
Raw, (Stone to wit and Wood) are absolutely of the
very bulkiest kind. Will your Lordships engage to
convey by Land Carriage, from London to his supposed
inland situation and back again, all the stone he can

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