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saw and polish, all the Wood he can saw and
plane, with the benefit of his system of machinery, and
convert to use, all the vessels he can build, by a thousand
Men, added to such further number, as your Lordships
may at any time think fit to place under his care? Upon
those terms and no others, may equal vicinity to the River
and to the Metropolis be dispensed with. Even beauty, the
supposed result of the properties above mentioned,
Beauty, that unfortunate and much envied quality,
the source of all the efforts which have been used, to
deprive the institution, of a soil it had so long
called its own, is perhaps not more essential to the
value of the spot, for the purpose of private luxury,
than to its fitness, with a view to the public service.
The more beautiful the Scene, the more disposed will
the respectable part of the public be to visit it: and
where one Man could derive entertainment from it
if monopolized by a Villa thousands may derive entertainment and instruction
from it too, (while, without a thought or effort, their
curiosity is operating as a Security for good
management) were the spot crowned, and, your Memorialist
will venture to repeat, adorned, by a Panopticon
Penitentiary house. After this explanation, and with
a view to those public purposes, which he will be
bold to say, and that without fear of contradiction,
have always stood foremost in his thoughts, he cannot
help looking on this Sport as being, in the words of
the Act, an eminently ""convenient and proper" one,
were it only on the score of beauty: a property which
accordingly, as far as depends upon him, he would be
studious to cultivate: though instead of beauty, he
should have rather said, capacity of receiving beauty,
for, when viewed in its present uniformity and nakedness,
it has little enough to recommend it. Is beauty, even
here, at variance with use? By no means. A Galley

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