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I have the honour to inclose you the offer of Mr Wise's
Slip of Land (11 Acres gross: 9 effective) for the purpose of the Penitentiary

Over and above the quantity of ground it affords it
is rendered in a manner indispensable to the Establishment
by the following considerations circumstances.

About half of it is occupied by the Horse boiler Horse
boiling Establishment by which, the effect of as often as the Wind blows towards Tothill Fields
and as often the whole of the Fields as well as of Lord
Salisbury's Estate is filled with fumes of the most offensive
kind. Close to Ld Belgrave's I have myself been rendered almost
sick by it them: and a working Gardener who occupies a bit of
ground on t'other side of the Horse ferry Road at least as not nearer to
far from the spot than Ld Belgrave's asked me t'other day
not knowing of the interest I had in the business whether the
annoyance were not an indictable nuisance. He had often
been subjected to sickness and head-aches by it.

2. The site of the present Poor House is a spot
somewhat elevated, and the only spot in Tothill Fields that
is so except in situations too near to other Houses to be taken for
the site of Penitentiary House. But if the Penitentiary
House were to be built, as proposed, where the above Poor
House stands, a walled space around it could not
be taken of sufficient amplitude without treading upon
this Estate.

3. Between Ld Salisbury's Estate and one end of the Estate in question
runs a slip at right angles to them both that the sliip latter, and as under them to serve as a Road from the Wharf, into Tothill
Fields. This strand, by being contained The continuance of the Road heading as it does through the Fields, would
be in the highest degree inconvenient and detrimental to
the establishment Penitentiary Ground Establishment, supposing any
part of the Tothill Fields to enter into the composition of it.
Even if no part of Tothill Fields were to be it would
produce the same inconvenience though to a less degree
by cutting in tis the tract composed of Ld Salisbury's
Estate and now the now proposed Estate. Fortunately a

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