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Brick Earth. Landlord and Tenant Agreement. Panopt

Instructions for an agreement between the Governors of the
Foundling Hospital and Mr J.B. for letting to the said
Mr B. the West Conduit Field for the purpose of Digging the
Brick Earth and making the same into Bricks.

The said Governors to let and the said B to take all
the land being part of the said Field laying North of the New
Road or path lately made from the South West corner of the said
Field to the Front of the Foundling Hospital except a piece of
Ground 250 by 210 or thereabouts lately taken on Building Lease
by said B the same to be delivered to the said B as soon as possession
can be obtained from the present Tenant: Mr B to pay the rent for the
same after the rate of £6 Pr Annum for every Acre thereof
until it shall be dug up for making Bricks or is laid up for
Stacks or Clamps as is hereinafter mentioned and a proportionable
part of such rent to lease as the same shall respectively be dug
up for that purpose and in lieu of such rent Pr Acre for the
Land so dug the rent of s2. 6d Pr Thousand for every
Thousand of Bricks which shall be made thereon by him
and the further rent of 10s Pr Load for every Cart Load
of Mould or Loam or Gravel or Sand which shall be dug
and carried away from off the said Land without leave in
Writing signed by the Treasurer or by the the Secretary
acting under his orders or the orders of the General Committee

The said Land to be dug regularly as is usual
in Brick making about London and be continued from
the West and South... thereof now in digging eastward
and northward until all the Brick Earth contained in the
said Field shall be compleatly dug up in such manner
That at least 6 Million of Bricks shall be made in the now current year & at least
8 Million of Bricks in each following Year
until the whole of the Brick Earth shall be compleatly

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brick earth - landlord and tenant agreement panopt.




instructions for an agreement between the governors of the foundling hospital and mr j. b. for letting to the said mr b. the west conduit field for the purpose of digging the brick earth and making the same into bricks


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