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Observations, accompanying the Sketch of Tothill Fields –
exhibiting the proposed Division – copy sent to the Bishop of
Rochester 30 Nov 1790

In the void spaces on each side of the
proposed site of the two Penitentiary Houses, provision will must require to
be made, for the following purposes.

1. Reception – Houses, 2: one for each Sex.

2. Burying Ground

3. Separate Erections in considerable number detached each for one person, dist distant
from the Person, from each other, and of more especially
from every spot not comprized within the
establishment – for the separate lodgement of the sick
or inspected in case of contagious disease.

4. Wood Yards and Stone Yards (detached for fear of fire) Stone Yards and Warehouses
Warehouses for the finished work their materials and finished
work from the labour of several thousand
persons, as well as for the raw materials for them to work upon. N.B. The work & materials to which the system
of machinery mechanism invented by Gen Brig. Genl. Bentham for
the purpose is adapted, are of the bulkiest kind: principally wood &
stone. &c

5. Turning & Waiting room for Carriages bringing
Visitors to the chapel at the time of Divine Service.

5. Building Boats and such light Vessels with † 6 The great entrance at Horse House (from the Horse Ferry Road) will require to be perfectly under the command of the Prison Government for the purpose
of barring the approach upon occasion against hostile mobs, as well as cutting off the hope of clandestine escape by the assistance of accomplices from without
6 7 8. distance, from all Houses not under the controul
of the Prison Government, as well as from every spot
in which persons at large have a right to set
foot, distance to an degree effectually preclusive of all forbidden communication
foot has is an object uniformly been regarded by all the promoters
of the Penitentiary System as an essential indispensable

‡ In the instance of several some of the above articles, the demand will may not in the first instance but will present itself to present itself immediately in any very considerable magnitude yet will be continually extending itself by degrees. To specify, either in situation or magnitude, the particular spot requisite as the instance of each article, is a task Mr B. the undertaker confesses himself not to be not yet not as yet as prepared, and which he flatters himself with not for the present purpose be thought necessary to be imposed.
River situation will bear is a species of work to
which the above mentioned Machinery is particularly
adapted, and would will be applied, if an extent of space sufficiently ample and fully situated could can be found, promised

6. Houses for such of the Prisoners with their families
as shall apply to be engaged in the capacity of
free servants on their discharge.

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instructions for an agreement between the governors of the foundling hospital and mr j. b. for letting to the said mr b. the west conduit field for the purpose of digging the brick earth and making the same into bricks


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