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grounds of for the said apprehension would evidently and
confessedly be much stronger, than if the said intended
purchase of the said Waste was
proposed division and
appropriation and purchase of the said Waste were
to be made, and the said intended Building erected
on the proposed part thereof, Your Memorialist
has been informed and verily believes persuaded that the
continuance of such repugnance would not now
exist, were it not that for so long as the proposed
Contract between Your Lordships and Your
Memorialist remains as hereunto yet unsigned as yet unsigned doubts hopes
are and still will be intertwined whether that whether Your Lordships
intend intentions with in regard to the setting down of
the said Establishment in the said neighbourhood
may not come to be revoked.

That inasmuch as the said purchase is expressly declared to be only in part, and for other reasons Your Memorialist in consideration for
which he Your Memorialist presently have occasion to submitt, he
is inclined to flatter himself hope and believe that in making of
the said purchase it is Your Lordships did not
to consider the same as superseding the demand
for, but rather as inclined to facilitate the purchase of the said intended portion of Tothill Fields:
but doubting in his own mind, To Mr Nepean. The negative was put by Mr Long? presuming this mode of Statement to be more agreeable and to him and indeed fitter, Mr B. takes it on himself how far the presenting
of in Parliament a contested Bill, in the ature of an
Inclosure Bill, would might be regarded as compatible
with the public service, and observing that no steps
have been taken in relation to for the bringing in the the same have the
determination to oppose the same if brought in had
been manifested. Your Memorialist is apprehensive⊞2 ⊞2 that, the said opposition not being likely to be withdrawn so long as
that the said Contract not remains unsigned, the attainment
of the said intended purchase of Tothill Fields for the erection
of the said Building thereon is should be no longer may or not now be practicable.

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