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consider that under the plan of negotiation prescribed
to him by the said Letter as above, any delay
or difficulty that may yet remain respecting the
claim of any one out of upwards of twenty persons
interested has as Occupiers or otherwise, has and may continue for an indefinite length of time to him, the effect of putting an entire stop
to the proposed institution to the whole business how inconsiderable soever
may be the quantity of land, concerned if any in the
occupation of such person, and whether the same possession thereof be
or be not indispensably necessary to the said intended Establishment
or no: that thereby, and for want of a
sum in hand applicable to the purpose of obtaining
immediate possession of such portion of portion of ground as might be necessary
and sufficient to
be made of use of
in the first instance
as and for the
immediate site of
the said intended
Building, at such
casual terms and
in such proportions
as the several benefiters
may be able without to
inconvenience to
spare the same,

as may be required indispensable in the first instance but sufficient
as for which there might be an immediate
demand – the purchase for a considerable length of time upon it if
– six months and upwards – have already
been lost to Your Memorialist and to the Establishment, since the 12th
of October, being the day when the purchase was
made of the said Salisbury Estate: and that
a great part of the season for building will have
been irrevocably lost elapsed at any rate before it will be possible
for Your Memorialist him to mass the benefit of any
such relief are measures as it may please Your
Lordships to take for his relief: And Your
Memorialist humbly beseeches Your Lordships leaves it to be considered
to consider whether the misfortune of being thus
for an indefinite length of time deprived of the use of
one part certain parts of the said Estate is affords any sufficient
reason for his being unnecessarily deprived of for the same
length of time, of all the rest.

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