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Lot B consisting of a piece or parcel of Land in the tenure or occupation
of Richard Minton and Thomas Child respectively and bounded on the
East by the said Waste called Tothill Fields on the South by a part
of the said Slip of Land in the occupation of the said John White on
the West by Meadow or Pasture Land in the tenure or occupation of
Walter Belcher and Robert Fuller and on the North by the Road called
Rope Walk Road or the Willow Walk leading in the direction of Rochester
Row to and from the said Waste called Tothill Fields by estimation
1500 ft or thereabouts and in Square content 10 Acres 2 Roods and 32
Perches in which said Lot B is also included such portion of the said
Slip of Road as his between the rest of the said Lot B and the said
Lot A containing by estimation in length 275 feet and in breadth 34 feet or thereabouts.—

Lot C consisting of such part of the said Waste called Tothill Fields
to the Amount of 35 Acres or thereabouts as is described in a certain Draught
of a Bill prepared by direction of the said Lords Commissioners for the
division and inclosure of the said Waste or such other part thereof if any
as may eventually be obtained for the purpose of the said intended Penitentiary
House by authority of Parliament.—

Lot D consisting of a piece or parcel of Land in the several Tenures
or occupations of the aforesaid Thomas Child and Joseph Hickinbottom
and bounded to the East and South by Gardeners Grounds in the respective
occupations of John Eastwood and John Smith to the West partly by a
line of Road leading to and from the other end of the said Willow Walk
partly by a line of Cottages with a narrow slip or slips of land intervening
between the said last mentioned slip of Road and the said land
in the occupation of the said Joseph Hickinbottom the said lot C containing
in the whole by estimation sixteen Acres and five Perches or thereabouts—and

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