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And whereas by an instrument in writing dated the 12th of October
1799 the said Lords Commissioners appointed the said Jeremy Bentham
Sole Feoffee for the purpose of treating for the purchase as well of the said
lot A as of such other pieces or parcels of Ground as they the said Lords
Commissioners should find to be necessary and should approve of as fit and
proper to be purchased for the purposes of the said Act and for taking conveyances
of the same pursuant to the directions of the said Act.

And whereas on the 12th day of the said Month of October 1799
the said Jeremy Bentham by Lease and Release made to him in such his
quality of Feoffee by the said James Marquis of Salisbury became a purchaser
of all and singular the parcels in the said lot A contained in part of the
piece or parcel of Ground intended to be purchased for the purposes of the
said intended Penitentiary House.

And whereas the lots B and D are capable of being purchased under
the powers already created by the said Act of the 34th of his Majestys Reign
but the said Lot C cannot nor can any part thereof be purchased if at all
otherwise than by an Act of Parliament to be obtained on purpose and in such
proportion and on such conditions as shall thereupon have been prescribed by

And whereas in the judgment of the said Lords Commissioners it
not being necessary that the said Lots C and D should both of them be purchased
for the purpose of the said intended Penitentiary House the said Lot D is not
intended to be purchased otherwise than in case the powers necessary for
the purchase of the said Lot C should not be to be obtained from Parliament.
And whereas according as the said Lot C shall or shall not be to be
obtained as aforesaid it is intended that the entire piece or parcel of ground
to be purchased for the uses and purposes of such intended Penitentiary House
or Penitentiary Houses shall be composed either of the said Lots A, B & C or of

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