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20 Jany 1812

With what unaffected – yes – I will say it –
with what noble and dignified humility did he not make
the generous sacrifice? – with what indefatigable zeal did
he not follow it up! Spurring the tardiness of Ministers
at one time of Printers anothers as if they making out the
had been his own, the negligence and ignorance of the negligence imperfections and ignorance of the author not for the purpose of not of exposing them to concern but of saving them from it
Author – to by anyone to whom his rank in society had
been unknown it would might have been supposed that the man
he was thus serving was the his patron, he the protegé
author of the plan, and his bread depending upon it.
No, to public virtue at once so generous and so rare, no
imputation of vanity how just and so ever
shall prevent one this hand from doing what it is may be in the person
of so weak a hand to do towards rendering it justice.
If with this example before his eyes for the those deeds were
not all of them due in a , the worthy Baronet
had really did succeed in keeping himself so compleatly
unacquainted with the intrusive work they must
have been successful indeed in singularity successful
as they were the felicity of the must
have been no less rare singular than the energy of the labours
upon the accomplishment of it.

Sure I am that could I had I received any the
remotest hint of that they would have found acceptance
at his hands not me only but of this work such as it is is it a very small one as many as
could have flattered themselves with the hope of acceptance at his hands
would have courted it.

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