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7 June 1812
Panopt. Observ. on Holford's Report

1. No possible part in the management refused to do it.
2. Though would have undertaken it,
that would have been the main objection made

IX. That although the individual whom at the end of
a twenty years course of unmerited injury and oppression
it was then proposed to expel from his hard and dear
earned situation was and is confessedly found to be a person without reproach
and pure from all suspicion of blame in any
shape, yet by a resolution determination the master of which were
manifest throughout the whole tenor of the Report, all part
in the management he was not to be permitted to have
any part whatsoever in the management of the concern
upon any terms.

Such were the sincerity of that zeal So pure and ardent was that zeal that rather than
forego lose all prospect of doing a rendering to suffering humanity
any part of that service the to contemplation
of which had occupied found occupation more or less for the greater
portion of his life – he had actually used his given authority
entreaty with his friends in parliament to offer to undertake
the management upon such terms as should take
from him all possibility of pecuniary profit in any
shape. The temptation afforded by profit in that
shape, the temptation to under which it was in and for the
purpose of the Report taken for granted that his probity
would sink and be converted into improbity is in
the Report stated as the sole source of that danger which
in his instance is of his person is by that same Report represented as irremediable. Yet
so plain was it that so evident to his friends and to every
person whose thoughts were at all bound to the subject
so manifest was it that no such sacrifice nor any other
sacrifice would be accepted as a remedy, the his continuance
in any the such situation in question being incompatible with that
plan of personal advantage in which was the new plan had its sole
final cause, that for under the
for apprehension of giving
useless irritation, this
offer was by those same
friends suppressed.

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