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8 June 1812
Panopt. Observat.

To any in respect of the price in question, supposing
it susceptible of excess the nature of the case furnishes itself
a remedy correction which in the work systematically overloaded
work in question stands already indicated. Whatsoever
articles of luxury the Manager had to sell, for with everything
that is not luxury besides a great deal tha to which
the appellation could not be refused are secured to them they would be supplied
without their buying it and consequently without his selling it
to them. Whatsoever articles it may seem desirable to him to
offer to them for sale they will not any of them be under any
sort of obligation ever to buy a single one of them.
Suppose then upon this or that particular article he puts
a price which in the judgment of him who would be inclined
to purchase it is excessive: the money he has to buy out
and which had the price been to a certain degree lower he
would have laid out to the purchase of that article, he
transfers and applies to the purchase of some other
article or articles. Suppose this the like excess to apply to every
one of those saleable and purchaseable articles, what is the consequence the man
will not be a customer for any of them. He will dispose
of the money he has in some other way more agreable
to him: he will thus have the pleasure of to the pleasure
derived from such other purchases will be added he will have to add the
pleasure of punishing the intended extortioner for his
intended extortion, the rapacious Manager for his avarice.
And upon the whole, in the whole seat theatre of punishment there
will be so much less of that inevitable excess of luxury
which in the eyes of so severe a moralist
which to the sort of morality that dictated those articles of charge
presented itself as so formidable a grievance.

To The public ought to have everything In the shape of profit upon a public concern: no one individual
anything. Whatsoever the public has is all of it so much good: whatsoever
the individual has whatsoever any individual has is all of it
so much evil. Such is the logic of jealousy and envy. All One thing is
is all this while forgotten
and that is the sort of theft
out of which the public is
it is made out of individuals
every inch of it: individuals
and nothing else.

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