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25 June 1812
Panopt. Observations on Holford

The faculty of producing anything at all in opposition to it
could not have been obtained but by
that can by a breach of public faith

The Committee took the matter up as if de novo,
as if the public faith had not been pledged for the carrying
into effect the Panopticon system: whereas the without
any the slightest producible objection from any one quarter the public
faith has the faith of Parliament as well as Administration
had been pledged over and over, and through
a multitude of times in the course of a long series
of years.

Not that it is admitted by the appointed Manager
that had the matter been entirely open there could have
been any the smallest ground for the preference so given.

2. Of the objections made against the Panopticon
plan, and employed as reasons and sufficient reasons
for the rejection of it and for the rescinding of the contract
a virtue of which it ought so long ago to have been
carried into effect, there is not one that supposing it
to have been good and reasonable in the character of an
indication given of an imperfection that received
presenting an adequate demand for remedy might
not without the rescission of the Contract have received
such remedy. But the object having manifestly been
not the removal of imperfections not the making of improvements
in the plan so often improved but the
getting rid of it altogether for the purpose of letting in
a system of patronage, hence it is that every indication
given of a supposed an alledged imperfection is adduced in the
character of a peremptory objection forming if not of itself
at any rate in the conjunction with other objections, a suff sufficient
ground for the rejection
of the whole system:
and this too was clear
the remedy without any
such rescission the
remedy was obvious
to the last degree of obviousness.

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