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Were the clause put simply and distinctly upon this last item,
in this case,
suppose for example it were £40,000 they were convinced
that £50,000 were really much less than the probable
amount of it during the two lives, This an allowance, to this amount, inferior as by
the supposition it
would be to what
the individual
ought to receive
would however be
so large a sum
for the of public
of money for the G
Government to give
so large a sum
to sacrifice to the
difference between
the approved and
the rejected plan
of management
inadequate as by the supposition it would by
as it would be by the supposition as to compensation, would in another
in the character of compensation point of view be so large a sum of public money to sacrifice that to
the difference between the approved and the rejected plan of management

that shame and apprehension would effectually restri prevent
their giving it.

As to the system of mechanical inventions, that it
is to be remembered was the invention of General Bentham
who of course would have had a large share in the profits of the
private establishment, and who accordingly was by the Contract to have had his life interest
in that public concern. But in by any such words as those
which stand at present in the Bill, viz. "making preparations" &c this part of the loss could scarcely by any
degree of force, be included in the warrant for compensation, certainly not without such a degree of
goodwill and desire as, on the part of a Treasury
Minister, in whom the whole power of the Arbitration
is in fact vested, could not reasonably be expected.

As to 'loss of time and trouble' a clause being the clause
which in Amendment the 5th is proposed to be omitted,
viz. to make way for the other which is of greater latitude
the effect of it, instead of making a due addition to would
(it is apprehended) be the pre applying an undue restriction
to the amount of the claim. To have is see any estimate that
could be said to be distinctly and exclusively grounded on
such an item, would to Mr Bentham be productive of very
painful sensations from which he would wish, if possible, to be saved.

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