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Penitentiary Act March 1812

1. Objection to the mode therein appointed to the for settling
Mr Benthams compensation

The plan mode of reference prescribed in the Bill is can be much
great degree less advantageous more disadvantageous to Mr B Bentham than if,
if the fixing the referring it
under the instructions therein also given to the al
of the amount and time of payment of the compensation-money
were left to the absolute pleasure of the Treasury Board. For

1. Any Referee appointed by Mr B. Bentham could not be of any the
smallest use to him: since nothing could be done without the concurrence
of the Treasury Referee.

Supposing Mr B.'s Referee gained from him by the Treasury,
(a supposition already realized in the conclusion of so enterings of
his former most warmest friends and most strenuous supporters
in and even of Parliament and in Office) his Referee would be
much worse to him than now.

The discussions between the Referees would be so much more additional
delay without any the smallest use. Suppose the opinion of the Treasury therefore
ever so beneficial and satisfactory to him, the Treasury would still
do in the matter any thing or nothing as they felt depend.

4. As the From this useless interaction of the those Referees intermediate jurisdiction
the Treasury would derive the advantage of shifting off the from themselves whatever little responsibility
that might be for themselves might otherwise be felt
as attaching upon them.

5. In this way nothing would be easier to the Treasury than to shew
off the business of compensation off all rendering of justice to Mr B. during the small remainder of his life.
These things much less more natural: it would be but
putting when they should do they have but
in the same continue
continuing to do as in relation to him they and their predecessors
have gone on been doing during the 18 last years of it. The land forming
the greater part of his means of subsistence will be taken from
him immediately. While the Treasury are thinking or not thinking
of what they shall give him he will find himself under the necessity of
giving up housekeeping as he was and quitting his residence a necessity which for a year at least he was subjected to
provide years of is before some years ago by the cause of his residence and with it all
the assistance and little comforts of which he has been accustomed
and the little comforts which his infirmities require: with
the character of no more disrespect and with by authority
of Parliament upon his head.

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