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The season for the commencement of regular accounts was therefore accordingly deferred
to the day, continually in expectation, when, the contract
having been signed, the public money should in virtue
of it have been received.

Meantime part of my occupation consisted in the daily
way of the business of Bookkeeping in all its the applications of which it is susceptible
in particular
the framing a system of Bookkeeping adapted to the
particular purpose of the concern in question.

Of that study some of the fruits are may be seen in print
in the book work entitled just now put on sale, entituled Pauper Management Improved,
published till now no otherwise than in Young's
Annals of Agriculture
. In France this work was in
such estimation as to have been, in 1802, under the Consulate,
translated by authority, and printed and circulated for public
use: and here in England it has been copies have been communicated
to individuals at their solicitation to assist them in the
management of their concerns.

No doubt but that, by the present occasion, could it
have been foreseen, a very reason demand, and that a very urgent cogent
one, for keeping the an account the most fullest and
most particular, and supported by the most unexceptionable
vouchers, would have been produced. But it is by on another
supposition than that of a disregard to engagements
on the part of the government of this country that such an
anticipation could have been grounded, and whether that
be a supposition, which ought to be considered, as one
that an individual, in his dealings with them ought to
have entertained, is a question, the answer of which may
be more fitly left to them than expressed by him: as also
whether the government of the country could continue and society
be held together, if this sort of treatment he has received and is receiving were known to
be, with any considerable degree of frequency, exemplified.

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