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The Five-Chimney Poor House affords lodgment
to 8 different persons with or families: betold is Rights of these
Parishes and certain
Paupers in relation
to the Five Chimney
Poor House

the who are put in by the Governors of the Poor
in the two United Parishes: [viz: St Margarets and St Johns
incorporated as to divers purposes by the 25 Geo.2.
Ch. 23] as also to the Keeper of the Waste, who is
appointed by the Dean and Chapter of Westminster from whom
he his opinions no pay, in have no , or other prerequisite.

The "Dean and Chapter of the Collegiate Church Rights of the Dean
& Chapter in
relation to the Waste

"of St Peter at Westminster", being Lords of the Liberty
of Westminster occupy, with referencestand, in relation to this
Waste, in the predicament in whichthe place occupied by the Lord of the
Manor stands in relation with reference to other Wastes. Hitherto
they have never derived from the their th relation
that their seigniory the smallest pecuniary emolument: their only
advantage, such as it is, consists in the ever having the appointment
of the Keeper of the Waste, who neither
gives them any thing, nor receives any thing from
them, on account of his place. office.

In other points, the Dean and Chapter on the Rights of the
Parishes in election
of the Waste

one part, and the united Parishes on the other
are by no means agreed upon as to this extentrespective.
rights; the Inhabitants claim and exercise the right
of Pasture and depositing Rubbish: this the Dean
and Chapter do not oppose in fact, but say it is
by their allowance: and they claim a much greater right
than what belongs to the a Lord of the Manor as
such: viz: the rights of granting out the Soil on
which they say they have have exercised in divers
instances: reckoning as an instance a grant made by them a grant they made of the site of


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