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Box 123 contains material pertaining to Bentham's panopticon penitentiary scheme. These manuscripts are largely to do with the 1794 Penitentiary Act and Bentham's attempt to try and amend it in the vain attempt to purchase land at Tothill Fields upon which the prison could be built.

The material is divided as follows:

  • Box 1 to 148: Panopticon - Bill for amending the Penitentiary contract (34 Geo. III, ch.84), taking part of the waste called Tothill Fields [1794]
  • Box 149 to 166: Draft bill for erecting a penitentiary house or houses in Battersea [1794]
  • Box 167 to 184: Panopticon - A bill for amending 34 Geo. III, ch.84 [1797]
  • Box 185 to 199: Panopticon - case explanatory of the Tothill Fields Inclosure Bill, for Mr Butler's perusal [1797]
  • Box 200 to 216: Panopticon - case explanatory, with a plan annexed [1797]
  • Box 217 to 260: Heads of the Tothill Fields Inclosure Bill [1798]
  • Box 261 to 263: Printed parliamentary papers and pamphlet: 261 Dean's Yard Act, 1755, 28 Geo. II, ch.54; 262 Wilson: Review of the project for building a new square at Westminster ... by a sufferer, Part I, 51 pp., London, 1757; 263 Bill intituled 'An Act for erecting a Penitentiary house or houses for confining and employing convicts' [1794]

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