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Advantages to
the neighbourhoodthe Penitentiary
House would afford
to the neighbourhoodthe positive Security
as well as a negative

Among the numerous classes of cases in which pr specific
rights of property are every day made to give way to public
exigence or even convenience, an instance is perhaps hardly
The application of this spot to the purpose
to be found of a change so pregnant with advantage to the of the proposedintended Penitentiary House would
general mass of interests concerned, and at the same time so
clear from hards ship. To
afford not to the neg neighbourhood, it would afford not only a
negative security by the removal of a source
of danger above indicated but a position securitysafeguard of no
mean account. For the security of the Penitentiary House prison
itself a numerous th watch upon a particular place of unremitting-interrupted
vigilanceattendance will be kept, without as well as within the House night as well
as day: so that, at any all hours, there will
be an armed force upon the spot, <add>[+]</add> ready in readiness to cut at a moment's [+] exempt unexposed
to these jealousies
which are apt to obstruct
narrow the production the use that
might be made of
the protectivederivable from the military,
and in readiness

warning, for the quelling of tumults or
apprehending of malefactors.

It would render the It might will render The spot would be rendered instead of an
eye-sore, an ornament to the vicinity: by
receiving in the place of substituting to substituting to the miserable Poor House a
building, which, notwithstanding<add>wearing on the face an it, no</addd> the purpose to</del>
testimony of the use to which it is destined, may be pronounced a magnificent
and elegant structure, and to the present
combination of swamps and laystalls a
cultivated spot laid out upon a place in which
ornament is would be combined with use.

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