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is in its present state, in point of value
little better than nobody's property, being of
no use but as aning place for cattle
and a place of deposit for rubbish, the
better a use which need not be nor is proposed
to be taken away.

If there were any class of persons in whose
instance the pretium affectionis could in the
present case be supposed to operate, it would be
that of the Paupers in the Five Chimney Poor House,
whose grievance would be the having 4 or 500
Yards to move from a decay'd habitation to a new
one. But surely if there be any class of individuals
whose affections may be called upon to give way
to the superior interests of the public, it must be
that one of all others which has no other littleis indebted for the
to the valuation in question than what it derives frombeneath subsistence well as the gratuitous
bounty of the rest public.

In the Deans Yard Square Act already
mentioned (20 Geo.2. Ch.54) powers were included
for pulling down a Poor House in and belonging
to these same Parishes: though the object of that
Act was nothing more than the building of Houses
fit for the reception of Parents having children
as the King's School, and the Poor House there
in question was - not the present decayed structure
containing no more than 8 or 9 Inhabitants with or
without families, but the principal Poor House, and
that a modern built one, containing the bulk of the
Parish Poor to the amount of many hundreds.

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