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And whereas a waste spot known by the name of
Tothill Fields situate lying and being within one of
the four Counties aforesaid to wit the County of
Middlesex, the same being situated in the Parishes of
St Margaret and Westminster in the CIty and
St John Westmins in the City and
Liberty of Westminster as one of them and containing
in the gross 56 Acres or thereabouts hath
by the said Lords Commissioners of his Majesty,
Treasury been deemed a fit proper and convenient
spot of ground, whereon, or on a part thereof (with
the addition of a competent quantity of such of
the other Lands thereto adjacent as may be to be purchased [+] Such Penitentiary
House or Penitentiary
Houses may be erected

under the said Act) [+] And whereas the said
spot is a Waste spot is situate within the Manor
Franchise or Liberty of Westminster the Lordship of which is in the where of the
Both corporate composed of the Dean and Chapter of the Collegiate Church of
St Peter at Westminster in Lond And whereas
the Inhabitants of the Parishes of St Margarets,
and St Johns aforesaid have from time immemorial,
either in their own right or by allowance
of the said Dean and Chapter, been accustomed
to turn in all or several divers sorts of Cattle, as likewise
all or several divers sorts of Poultry, in and
upon the said Waste, as also to deposit in and
upon any or some part or parts thereof, either at their own
free choice in respect of the said precise spot on
which each load or parcel of rubbish hath been deposited:
or subject to to controul or assignment
the said Dean and Chapter and their Officer
or Officers in that behalf respectively appointed

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