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Tothill Fields Ad. SS.2

to the said Dean or by having the and
given the oncefirst either to the said Dean
chapter House of the said Dean and Chapter
or to any of the Prebends of the said Chapter
the other second to any Churchwarden or [+] by leaving the
water at the Vestry
room of the said
United Parishes, and
the third either to the
Rector of the said Parish
or by having the said
notice at the House
of such Rector

Overseer of the Poor of either of the said United
Parishes [+] Copies thereof respectively being also found
in a conspicuous moment upon a principal door
of the Collegiate Church of St Peter's Westminster,
the Parish Church of St Margaret's aforesaid
and the Parish Church of St John's aforesaid
in respectively in like manner as notices are
for divers purposes are customarily found upon
the doors of the said Church or some of those
And if thereupon the said Dean and Chapter
on the one part andas also the Parishioners of the
said United Parishes in Joint Vestry assembled
on the secondother part [+] shall within the space of
one Month after such notice have respectively declared declare in writing
their acceptance of such price respectively these
and in such case immediately upon receipt of
the last of such last made of such declaration of acceptance it shall and
may be lawful to and for such Teoffee and or
Teoffees at any time thereafter to make entry in and upon the said
portion of Land marked A for the uses and
purposes of this Act But if neither of the saidno one [+] any one of the
said three parties
shall have forborn
making such declaration
of acceptance
or shall at any time
before the expiration

two parties shall wither by the end of the said space of one
month after the giving of such notice [+] have made
such declaration of acceptance or of within the said
space of one month they shall withers of these shall have declared

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