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Tothill Fields SS5
Allotment of the
Portion West of
Rochester Row
to the Dean &
Chapter and the
two Parishes for
divers purposes

And whereas for building or other purposes
it might be more convenient and advantageous
to the said Dean and the Chapter on the one
part and the Inhabitants intitled to rights of
Common as aforesaid within the said two Parishes
on the other part according to the nature and
quantity of their respective interests to possess in
severalty a portion of the said Waste instead
of receiving a pecuniary compensation for the same
And whereas the said two Parishes have
been accustomed to hold and do at present
hold on Lease from of the said Dean and Chapter
Lands and Tenements to a very considerable
yearly amount Be it further
enacted that Lot C as described in Schedule Cthe spot described in the article
to this Act annext containing about six acres more marked C in the Schedule to this Act anext
or less <add>[+] shall be allotted in severally to and [+] being that part
of the said Waste
which has West
of Rochester Row
and of a right
line drawn in continuation
of the said

Row to the Road
called the Willow
Walk of which
said Lot C the by
far the greatest part
has in the said Parish of
St Margaret and the
remainder being a
very small part or strip
has within the said Parish of
St John

the said Dean and Chapter in separate Ownership subject to this obligation in fee in trust
upon the trust and subject to the ob obligations following:
that is to say
in the first place to permitt and suffer the said
Commissioners and Arbitrators herein after mentioned
to mark out and allott a proper and convenient
spot on which shall be built a new
Poor House or range of Poor Houses in line
of the old existing Poor House or range of Poor Houses called the Five Chimneys

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