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Tothill Fields Bill §16

and that there shall be annexed
and that to the several such Lodgings or Tenements so to be erected there shall
be annexed Out houses not inferior in value and & portions of ground not of not
inferior in dimensions to th the Outhouses
houses and portions of ground at present occupied
and enjoyd with the several Lodgings
or Tenements at present contained in the said
existing Poor House And that when such intended
Building or pile of Buildings shall
be erected the right of assigning to each
the said several poor persons and families
their several Lodgings an or Tenements with
their said appurtenances shall be and remain
in the hands of the Governors of the Poor
no such persons to whom it belongs at present
to allott and assign the said Lodgings or Tenements
nominate and put in persons or families into
the said existing Lodgings or Tenements in case of
vacancy or otherwise, observing as near as may be to put the so to exercise
the said right a

said several poor persons so to exercise such right as to put the and families in
the same plight and condition with reference
to each other in such their intended abodes
as they are in at present in their said
present abodes: and the not only the original right
of nomination as aforesaid to be exercised as
aforesaid upon the opening of the said new
intended Poor House but the right of disposing
of the said several intended lodgings or tenements therein to be erected
with their said intended appurtenances upon a
vacancies or otherwise shall be and remain as the
same exists at present in relation to the said existing Poor House.

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