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Tothill Fields Bill §17
Lodging money
§ 17
Allowance for lodgings
in the mean

And be it enacted that in the mean time And whereas it may be some time before
and untill the said new intended Poor House can be in
readiness for the occupation of the said inhabitants
of the said existing Poor House and before
the same shall be entered upon for the purpose of being begin to be pulled down
as aforesaid, the said Feoffee or Feoffees shall
at their own cost and charges
make to the said Keeper of the said waste as also procure temporary lodgings for the said several
make to each of the said poor persons for themselves and
poor persons and families and damage their
their respective families an allowance in money sufficient to
continuance therein shalldefray the charges of removing their respective goods
make to each such poor persons
at to any place situated within either of the their own costs and charges make to the said
said United Parishes and shall also from the time
several poor persons and families a weekly al
of such entry make to each of them a weekly
allowance in money [+]sufficient to procure sofor [+] payable at the
commencement of
each week and

payable at the commencement of each week and
their lodgings equal in goodness to their said
several existing lodgings as also to indemnify
them for the loss of the use of their said
several sufficient to constitute a full and adequate compensation for
the use weekly use and occupation of their
said several lodgings or tenements with their
appurtenances and shall also at the same moreover make to
time with the first payments then made to
person the said several poor persons and families
an allowance sufficient to defray the
charges of removing their respective goods
to any place within the precincts of the City
and Liberty of Westminster which said last
mentioned allowance or tender thereof shall be
made at least one week before any such lodging or

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