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Tothill Fields § 19
Form & Registration
§ 19
Form and Registration
of the Awards &
other documents

And be it further enacted that every such
Award Award to be made by the said Commissioners or Arbitrators shall express, in Statute measure, the quantity
of Acres, Roads and Perches, and if necessary,
Yards and Feet, contained in every the portion forming
the subject matter of such Award, together
with a description of the situation and boundaries
thereof, and also Orders for the limiting laying out, and
compleating whatever Roads, Ways, Bridges, Fields,
Sewers, Watercourses, Sewers, Drains, Ditches,
Banks, Fences, Bridges, Plantations or other works shall
appear to such Arbitrators appear necessary or
proper to be made in a upon or over the same
or any part thereof, with proper Plans, Draughts and
Schedules for the explanation of the same: which
said instrument of Award, including such Plans, Draughts and Schedules shall be engrossed upon parchment,
and signed and sealed by such Arbitrators; and every such Award,
as also every such
Order of as above mentioned Justices for
confirming the allot
relative to the
Ways leading over
or adjacent to the said
Lots A & B or either
of them

shall within three Calendar Months after the
such execution thereof, be inrolled with the Regis
by and in the Office of the Register of the County
of Middlesex: and after such Inrollment madeto the
the not only the said original instrument, but
copy the enrolement of the same, or a true copy of
the inrollment of the same, signed and certified to be a true Copy by such Register,
or any persons lawfully acting in that
behalf for such Register, may and shall be admitted
in all Courts as evidence in the sameas effectually
manner as the original: and such Officer is hereby required

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