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Plan for the Division or Tothill Fields Consideration

4. Laying out of the case everything of ill
humour on the part of the Parish or Parishes,
the difference which appears to subsist in point
of real opnion in relation to the rights in question,
seems of such a nature as not to admit of being
adjusted without recourse to Law

5. What renders an inflexible pertinacity on the
part of the Parish as a result the more natural and
probable (laying individual characters & interests
out of the question, & judging merely from circumstances
& situations) is that the inconveniences
of litigation, by being distributed among such a
multitude (12,000 in St: Margaret's alone) & such
a mass of opulence, will not be considered as an
object of regard by any body: while the emoluments
growing out of the litigation (emoluments which
will increase with the number of incidents and
length of delays that can be made to take place)
will present themselves in no inconsiderable
magnitude to the imaginations of a few individuals
& and their friends.

6 Supposing even a perfect co-operation between
the now disagreeing parties, to have taken
place, a circumstance that suggests no inconsiderable
doubts concerning the probability of their
engaging the legislature, how well so ever inclined,
to come into the supposed joint plan of improvement,
is the existence of the ruinous, Poor
House abovementioned: the situation of which
renders it preclusive, while it stands, of any
such comprehensive plan. For though Government
may display its powers in the removal
of such an impediment for a great national
purpose, it does not seem by any means to follow

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