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Tothill Fields

The Neighbourhoo


In point of prospect and appearance the neighbourhood occupiers
of the circumjacent Houses would have
no small reason to congratulate themselves on the
change. In the room of the existing ruins of
a Poor House would rise a bu circular building
of 180 diameter and between 50 & 60 foot in height
of an appearance such as which could scarcely have been
more ornamental and ornament been the sole object
of it. To the eyes of the nearest inhabitants, [+] there [+]as the distance from at the distance at
which it will present
itself to their view,

will be nothing about it that can so much as
present the idea of a prison. The lower stories
will be screened by a surrounding Wall inclosing
a square of from 400 to 500 foot a side, guarded
The limits of the surrounding ground space where and watched on the outside in the manner stated in the printed paper which
accompanies this address.
spot all round will be after reserving
which is necessary to be reserved in the shape of roads
for the use accommodation of the owners occupiers of the
circumjacent lands and str buildings will again be masked protected
and by an exterior inclosure I a Wall or other Fence. By way of additional
security safeguard, and for the more effectually securing the
neighbourhood from the apprehension of seeing itself find
infested by the escapes, it is in contemplation to
add to the ordinary inclosures the security of a Canal
circular canal from the River, from whence
a cut is to be made, at any rate to the set proper site of the
Building as above proposed.

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