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The plan is —

1. That the fee of the whole Waste be declared by
Act of Parliament to be in the Dean and Chapter solely.

2. That a portion amounting to between 12 & 13 Acres equal to about acres
composed principally of the angle formed by the of Rochester Row
with the enclosed Grounds) terminating in Storrs Gardens be
allotted to the Dean and Chapter, to be at their
own disposal as to a portion from 6 to 8 Acres
in trust to form a Cricket Ground for the Westminster
Scholars, and as to the residue at their own
absolute disposalat their own disposal. to enable them to allott a sufficient
portion as a Cricket ground for
permitt allow a sufficient portion to be made to be made of for the use of by
the Westminster Scholars in the capacity of a Cricket Ground by the Westminster Scholars
by the Westminster Scholars, [+] [+] in satisfaction for
the undefined and
unlimited use
they have been accustomed enjoy at present
to make of the waste
for that purpose in that way ever since
the foundation as long
as memory can reach.

[N.B. The content of the Cricket Ground at Walworth
is about 5 1/2 Acres: the gross content of Lord's
at Marybone near the New Road is said to be near
8 Acres: but in this is included a Kitchen Garden of
an Acre or two, and the site of several creations.]

3. That a portion sufficient for the site of a
Poor House to be allotted to the use

3. That this portion be consist of the Isosceles
triangle having for its base a line triangle drawn from the termination of Rochester Row
to the termination corner of Stor Storr's Gardens, together
with the such a frman of [+] appropriate triangle cons on the a similar and
[+] a nearly similar
and equal triangle

same base, such as shall give the content above mentioned,
exclusive of a breadth of 30 feet on each side
of the triangle for Roads, though, on the side of
unbuilt side, of little, if any , al space will it is supposed be requisite
for that purpose.

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