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6. Supposing even perfect co-operation
on the pa between the now, so long disagreeing contending parties
to have taken place, a circumstance that suggest no inconsiderable doubt
concerning the probability of their engaging prosecuting upon
the legislature how well soever howsoever inclined, to come in to there for the supposed
joint plan of improvement, is the existence of
the ruinous Poor House above mentioned, the situation of which renders it in or
spot preclusive, while it stands such comprehensive plan. For
though, for the accomplishment of a public purpose
government may display exercise its powers in the
removal of such an impediment, for a great national purpose [+] yet whether [+] it does not seem by
any means to follow
that it would exercise
an equal stretch of
power to the disturbing
of the separate existing possession & comforts
of a determinate assemblage
of individuals to no
higher and for the sake
of no greater benefit
than that of
to no higher purpose
than the opening producing
an accession of adverse
opening a new source
of expectant gain to
parties for the benefit
of particular partiesinterests
a new source of expected
gain, which supposing
it realized, would be

for the accommodation of parties applying an the
on the ground of private bodies particular interest character of individuals with no other pl than
that of a small portion of pecuniary benefit advantage/gain, rendered
almost imperceptible, as far as the Parishes are concerned at least, by the multitude of the
sharers. The possession in question, in as
far as it pretends to independency, was, it is true according
to every appearance founded originally
on usurpation. But even in strictness of law
there is a period at and that perhaps in
the instance in question not very far distant,
at which usurpation becomes converted into a
right: and the hold, it can not be doubted, would
be considered as much stronger, when opposed to
adversaries, whose application government would be applying to the legislature for favour
not to the for justice. in the ground of right.

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