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Consent to a sacrifice of a few acres more might not
improbably be obtained: but where the whole is so far from sufficient,
whether a consent extending at any rate to no more than a part [+]

[+] and that probably
a small part, be an
object worth labouring
for, is a question to
be considered

Where the whole and more than the whole is
wanted a wanting, satisfaction in the shape of a portion of the
thing itself would be a species of satisfaction, adapted indeed some wholly inadmissible a satisfaction
out of the thing itself to the purpose of a communicating Act but directly repugnant to the very
nature object of the proposed Bill.

After all The share that could be claimed
by the Dean and Chapter as Lords is according to the received
principle of division for Wastes [+] no more [+] and according to what
appears to be the conception
of the Parish

than 1/15 or 1/16 of what would be allowed to the houseowners: that which none of the inhabitants:
and accession of the part of the Dean & Chapter
seems according to all appearances more likely
to obstruct than to facilitate accession on the
part of the Parishes. Governments, the representatives of the Commoners. All An inveterate grudge
antipathy, prevention of all concert, has subsisted
between the parties, time out of mind. Instances that occurred 15 or 16 years
I can ago have been mentioned to me: and recent
occurences have influenced it.

The actual annual present value of the actual profit argot made by interest of the
Dean and Chapter from in the Waste for so many hundred years is admitted by
them to be absolutely nothing. The Project, of improvement
they once attempted to be realized, with by the
concurrence of the Parish, bond by were by the repugnancy
of the Parish had found them long ago rendered abortive: to abandon:
and that repugnancy is stronger now than ever

Out of the 80 Acres requisite, whatever is not
given out of this waste, must be given, if given at
all, out of cultivated lands. Whether the inconvenience
to individuals be considered, or the expence to government, the [+] [+] the option does not seem
difficult to make | upon

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