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Upon the whole the step course I would take the liberty of that appears the
proposing, as being the clearest and shortest, is as follows.

16 Nov.r 1796.
Heads of Bill proposed,
for the Penitentiary Establishment,
in relation
to Tothill Fields.

1. Bill to extend the supply amass explain
and amend the Act of 7 July 1794, by extending
the power powers from lands in severally to Wastes
and Commons.

2. Clause reciting Tothill Fields, as being a Waste within the 4
Counties, therein mentioned, but as being incumbered
with a the means of ruinous Poor House in the middle in a ruinous state affording a
lodging holding no more than with no more than 8 or 9
families in it — Lords Should the Treasury pitch
upon Tothill Fields , powers to pull down this
Poor House. in meeting proper compensation, and to apply the
and occupy the site of it

3. Pecuniary Compensation, mutatis mutandis, as under the existing Act.

4. Occupation immediate: compensation money, [+] upon the principle
of the existing Act,

in case of disagreement lodged , [+] as under the exisiting. in the hands of Trustees.

5 Clauses to be consorted
to if proposed on the part of
the D. & Chapter. Clause for
to substitute long lease instead
of alienation & clause for
the cricket ground.

Whether the nature of the parties (unwieldy bonds
corporate bodies) or theirthe temper they are in be considered, it
will beappear evident enough that, for although there were a
certainty of their coming some time or other to
an agreement, it would be impossible for one an
individual, circumstanced as I am, to wait the
issue of it. Fourteen or five fifteen years, seems to
be but a moderate no very immoderate duration for a Chancery Suit,
instituted especially on such a ground and that would be more
than the value of my life.

I know the honour to be &c

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