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To Dean

My Lord

I have the honour of addressing myself
to Your Lordship, by authority from the Treasury in your Lordship's capacity quality
to the as to the of Dean of Westminster by authority of the Treasury, on the subject of a
spot Waste, in which the Dean and Chapter as in
Lords of the Manor have a very barren right of their Seigniary, possess a sort of honorary
sort of honorary and unproductive sort of a titular interest — I mean Tothill
Fields. title without

Your Lordship may perhaps have

The An Act which passed in the close of the
Session of 1794 may perhaps have [+] [+] afforded your Lordship
some a general intimation
served to inform apprize your
Lordship of the resumption revival of the long-suspended
Penitentiary plan, and of the modification
it has undergone is disposed to undergo in the hands of Mr Pitt. The
inclosed Paper well may serve to will furnish your Lordship
with any information of dissent which your Lordship may in your Lordships judgement
may be may suggest present itself to your Lordship as think it worth obtaining worth looking for in relation
to the origin of the present plan, are such as the
particular or the leading features of it.

In properties as
they are
of the fitness &c they
assure themselves of
some concern

Embellished within
could not new

The spot site originally pitched upon for the Site for the establishment
in question of the Housethe spot particularly specified in the Act was Battersea Rise. It is needless
to trouble your Lordship with the senses neither
neither be pleasant nor is it ne necessary for me It is needless to trouble
your Lordship with a history of the causes through
the influence of which that choice came at length has come since been to be superseded recently came at last
I have the pleasure I may even say it is but (gratitude to ad requires me to add) the pride, of reflecting
that no destruction want of facility on the part of the Archbishop
of York ( the proprietor paramount) in right of his See was of the number.

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