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Tothill Fields To Dean

It is sufficient Suffer it for the present purpose to say that
Tothill Fields [+] [+] a place already no
stranger to prisons or prison
is the spot finally at present pitched upon
by Mr Pitt. on the place which [+2] which he proposes [+2]with due the proper consent
and authority, he
proposes shall be
purchased for
by either

to be taken into the hands of the Crown, and apallotted
appropriated to that purpose this use.. Having received Being already
no stranger to prisons one prison already, it — this spot, it seems to be
thought, can hardly disdain the reception of another
prison establishment which has will
not wear any have bears/wear no appearance of a prison
nor has any thing in common with a prison, but
the distinction and the same. to the reception of a
Building which bear
though a prison in point
of use, will in point to a distant
view at least of appearance bear
less resemblance to a
prison, then to a manufactory,
a place of fashionable
entertainment, or a
Being for the
purpose in question put in the stead of the three
gentleman therein so mentioned named in the above-mentioned
Act above referred to(Sir Gilbert Elliot, Sir Ch. Bunbury,
and Dr Bowdler) the business of trialing negotiating
for the purchase devolves upon me. It being Doubts having
regarded arisen whether the powers created by that Act extend to Wastes, a
fresh Bill to supply the deficiency is forthwith determined
to be brought in as soon as possible All former Former Acts have for those purposes of the sort
uniformly been armed with contained coercive powers: but in consideration of the
respect and confidence inspired by the character
of the Right Reverend Prelate [+] [+] who in consequence
of this change happening to
principally concerned
in point of title in the present instance, have an application
for previous consent and support co-operation,
in as well as out of Parliament, has universally
been regarded as the only mode of preceeding sort of opening commencing
the business that would with propriety be adopted as competent to
sort of opening at present to be thought of.

the confidence in his
disposition to lend an assisting
hand to Government, and
the assurance of his
meeting with the the the business
has now taken - will admitt of being duly seconded therein
on such an occasion of the by the Reverend Body of
he be thought of
which he is the Head
in the present instance

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