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Tothill Fields

Cricket Ground

3. For the amusement and increase of the Scholars,
if it that should should the object in the judgement of the Dean and Chapter that
appear of sufficient importance to claim a have a proper object of provision of the part of Government,
an allottment might be made, equal at
least to the largest of the Cricket Grounds instituted kept up
expressly for the for that purpose. In the most celebrated of them [+] [+] and as far as I can
learn, the largest,

'Lord's Cricket Ground, Marybone near the New Road)
the gross content is called 8 Acres, in which space is included
a considerable Kitchen Garden, occupying perhaps 2 Acres
My Schoolfellows I have the satisfaction to think
would be, in every point of view, be no small gainers
by the change. At present the best part they can
find to obs can choose pick out is rough uneven ground, exposed for
want of fences to the unpleasant, not impossibly
in some instances even corruptive, intrusion of the
lowest promiscuous company. In the event supposed,
the space allotted to this purpose would be necessarily be inclosed
and the access to it subject to such controul as
the Dean and Chapter may deem think advisable for the conducive
competent to the occasion, benefit of those for whom it will be the designa
and the mode of fencing maymight be such as would be
add embellishment to use. The maintenance as well conducive to the embellishment of the use
the sum it pleasant the use as with as to
as institution of this sequestered and very dissimilar appendage
to the principal establishment
the health of those for whose will be the
as establishment of the spot for this purpose The adjustment of would sufficiently depend
upon two old members of the Brotherhood fraternity of the fraternity: I mean myself
and the General my younger Brother: and your are many
Lordship will feel no difficulty in imagining be little your Lordship to imagine the pleasure we should
would be belie in giving a new and improved face to the spot rendered unlikely

interesting lea to us in spite of the aboriginal
all at for instance ugliness
by remembrances drawn from by the country at
the morning of life with the remembrance of
the <add>spots

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