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Schedule B

Setting forth the limits and Boundaries of the For the purpose of such Cricket Ground
portion of Tothill Fields distinguished by the as aforesaid, there shall be taken out a pentagonal
name of Lot B or five sided space , containing by estimationbetween
Lot B is a pentagon or five-sided eleven and twelve Acres and thus marked
spot of ground the five sides of which are to out and described as follows: viz:
be marked out as follows; viz: limited &
and in satisfaction
of their right
and interest of the
Sc to & in the
whole of the said Waste

As the entrance into the Waste by the Pound
at the angle formed between Rochester Row on
the one part and the line of grounds [+]commencing [+] bounded towards
the by the
said Waste

towards the said Pound at the corner of the
House in the occupation of James Fennie
Plaisterer, and terminating in the corner of the
cluster of small Garden plots Gardens in the occupation of John Storr Gardens,
draw a right line [+]as nearly parallel [+] from the Lound
Grounds and
to end
of the said Rochester

to the line of Houses forming the said Rochester
Row as may be, and not less than 30 foot distant
from the nearest point in the said line
of Houses — Draw another right line From
the corner of the said House in the occupation
of the said James Fennie towards and beyondto the said corner
or fairlier extremity of the said Cluster of Gardens
draw another right line, parallel to that said as near as may be to the
said line of grounds, and not less than 30
feet distant from the nearest point in the said
line, such lines so drawn being each of them
to be continued indefinitely as occasion in manner
hereafter following may require.

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