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Within the said five las

Tothill Fields
Cricket Ground

The space of 30 foot broadcontaining in its whole length 30 foot at the least in breadth between and included contained
between the first of the said five tangents and the said line of Houses for which form
Rochester Row on is not included in the said
five-sided figure: such space shall continue
open uninclosed to serve as a Road [+] in line [+] from the aforesaid
Pound to the
Road called the Willow
Walk and theWalk opening
into the opposite Walk
at near the other end of
the said Rochester Row

of the indefinite space so employ'd at present,
and in full satisfaction for all general right
of way exercisable along for the east side of the the said Rochester
Row from North to South.

The space between containing also in its whole
length 30 foot at the least in breadth and included
between the second of the said five tangents and
the said line of grounds terminating at the said
corner of Storr's Gardens shall be adde is
also not included in the said five-sided figure
but the same is hereby declared to be annexed
to the same, and appliedappropriated to the same uses.

And it is hereby enacted and declared that
from and after entry made and notice given
in manner as aforesaid either on the part of
the said Dean and Chapter as to the said space composing intended so allotted for a
Cricket Ground

Cricket Ground or on the part of the said
Feoffee or Feoffees as to the part to be purchased
for the purposes of this and the said former Act
all right of way general or special as well betweenalong the

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