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Schedule C 1 Schedule
Tothill Fields
Greens Court

And be it inacted that for purpose of
a separate allottment to be held in severally and separate
ownership by the said Dean and Chapter a
third portion of the said Waste shall be marked
out in manner following, that is to say:

From the point of intersection between the said
first and the said third sides of the five-sided
space aforesaid, to wit opposite the corner of
the said promises in the occupation of the said J.J.
Arrow draw a right line terminating in the
East side of the entrance into the Wa Road called
the Willow Walk: viz: to the corner formed by
the of the House in the occupation of Thomas Child
Gardener abutting upon the said Road. The line
so drawn shall be on that side constitutethe boundary of the ground
intended to be purchased for the purposes of this
Act. Again from the said corner of the said
Premises of the said J.J. Arrow [+] draw a second another [+] to the West corner
of the said Road called
the Willow Walk to
wit to the corner of
the Outhouse in the
occupation of John
Sargeant Gardener

right line as near as may be parallel to the
said first right line: [+]2 to Whatever portion of [+]2 but at a distance
not less than 30 feet
in any part thereof.

the said Waste shall be found to lie to the West
of the said second line and of the said line of
Houses (to wit the line of Houses constituting
Rochester Row) of which the said second line is a continuation
shall be and the same is hereby declared
and enacted to be in severally and separate Ownership
the property of the said Dean and Chapter; subject [+]3 [+]3 only to such time taken
if any, as shall be made
thereof by the Award herein
after mentioned.

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